The Purpose of Education

Everyone wants a good education for their children.  But what, in fact, is a good education?  What does that look like?  What is the purpose of education?

The purpose of education has always been the same.  The purpose of education is to pass on to the next generation the values of its culture.  All cultures do this – prepare young people to become citizens who share the values of that culture.

 We as Christians are instructed by Scripture to do the same.  We are told to “train up a child in the way he should go” and to “teach [these words] diligently to your children”.  We are commanded to pass on to the next generation the values of OUR culture, those of the Kingdom of God.  THAT is the culture and kingdom to which we belong, and THOSE are the values we are to pass on to our children.

 This should be the aim of all Christian parents, and this is the daily goal of the staff of Coram Deo Classical Academy:  to raise up the next generation for the Kingdom of God.  This is a serious but joyful responsibility that requires us to stand daily on the Word of God, discipling students throughout the day, every day.  So even as we go about teaching subjects like Math or Grammar or Latin, our ultimate goal is to glorify God and to lead students to know Him.

Now that we know what the purpose of education is, we can give a definition for a “good education”.  It is one that glorifies God and leads students to know Him, training them in Christian character, while preparing them for the work of this world.  What does that look like at Coram Deo? 

 We have a very small school, so our teachers do much more than walk students through lessons.  Our teachers actually teach the material and help the students to master it, and then the teachers expect students to work.  Students are shown that their work is glorifying to God, and that the attitudes of their hearts matter to Him.  Therefore, all the students work and find joy together in the tasks of the day.  They are drawn into Christian community, learning to love, serve, and forgive one another.  Students read classic literature which is used to help students understand a Biblical view of truth, and things like good and evil.  And throughout the day, teachers mentor students, instructing them in Christian character, getting to know each one on a personal level.

 That is a small taste of the daily life of the family of Coram Deo Classical Academy.  I pray that we can partner with some of you to raise up the next generation for the Kingdom of God.

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