Battle is lost if we do not fight

This summer I had the privilege to travel through England and Scotland for a month with my family.  History is everywhere, and it is impossible to overstate the presence of the church.  Every town has lovely, historic church buildings.  Some cities are dominated by lofty cathedrals. Money and power throughout the centuries have been focused toward the church, its power, its art, its mission.  So it would be easy to assume that the church retains some controlling influence over the population.  But the more I looked, the more I realized that the church is largely regarded as a historic relic, a cultural icon.  As one fiery Scottish preacher told me, "We are a godless nation."  If you scratch the surface, that facade of well-preserved and beautifully-constructed buildings, you will see that although people are willing to wait in long lines to pay to see church buildings as historic sites, there are few believers.  In fact, that same preacher informed me that less than 5% of the population even attends church, and fewer than that are believers.  It appears that the battle is lost because it is no longer being fought.  In books, in museums, and even in the church, the ideas of Christianity have been relegated to mythical status.  An enlightened culture no longer even entertains the notion that God is in any way involved in the world or in people's lives.  So the church that remains is mostly one of social projects, helping the poor and disadvantaged and doing good works.  Conversation closed.  People don't think that way anymore.

As sad as this is, I was given fresh perspective to what is happening to the church in the USA.  The decisions and events of the past year alone have been enough to dismay any Christian.  Religious persecution and ungodly laws are forcing more and more Christians to fight for their beliefs.  Therein lies the beauty:  Christians are fighting!  The church is rising up!  The influence of the church has not been completely lost, and truth is being proclaimed!  Never before have I been so grateful to participate in the fight, because the fight is going on.  I repeat, the fight is going on.  Believers have not caved in; they are holding onto Truth.  The church has not given in to the "wisdom of this world"; it is standing on the Rock.  Christ has not disappeared in the shadowy recesses of Medieval cathedrals; he still reigns.  The battle is not lost because Christ has won. 

And that is why we do what we do at Coram Deo.  In churches and in schools and in homes across the world (even in Scotland!), future generations of Kingdom warriors are being prepared for the fight.  We train them to hold onto the truth and stand on the Rock.  We at Coram Deo invite you to engage in battle and to prepare your children for the battles that lie ahead.  Make no mistake, we are at war.  And if we do not engage in the fight, we will lose, though Christ and his Kingdom will prevail.  Soli Deo Gloria!

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