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Thoughts on education from a Christian perspective.

  • What Can You Find When You Open a Book?

    When people think about what school is for, they usually think of things like studying subjects and passing tests. As teachers, it is easy for us to get lost in the details of those very things and … more

  • Christian Community in a COVID Crisis

    I'm sure it will come as no surprise to say that the current health crisis caught us completely off guard.  In many ways I wish we had been more prepared, but also in many ways I am grateful … more

  • Reading -- It's What We Do

    My 8 and 10 year-old daughters are enrolled at Coram Deo, which places a heavy emphasis on the humanities. I am overwhelmed with the ideas they come home with. Over dinner … more

  • Radically Different

    The World is crowding in.  On every side and in every way.  Everything wants to be more important to us than God.

    For those of us who love God, the struggle is real.  To keep the … more

  • The Purpose of Education

    Everyone wants a good education for their children.  But what, in fact, is a good education?  What does that look like?  What is the purpose of education?

    The purpose of … more

  • An Unexpected Family, by Monica Reyes

    Tags: School culture

    As I sat and watched the small group of children and teens run and laugh together, I had to smile at the cliche of it all. It was truly a scene out of Little House on the Prairie. But it wasn& … more

  • Battle is lost if we do not fight

    This summer I had the privilege to travel through England and Scotland for a month with my family.  History is everywhere, and it is impossible to overstate the presence of the church.  … more

  • Identity

    Identity.  If you think about why people do what they do, it's largely because of their idea of who they are.  Their identity.  Just think about how much this idea of identity drives … more

  • Making Wise Decisions

    I am blessed to work with many teens and young adults, lovely ones, I might add. One of the hallmarks of this age is the desire to make their own decisions.  Based on their own agenda.  … more

  • Sacrifice

    Tags: sacrifice, free, consequences

    Everybody wants something for nothing.  Strangely enough, we will often go to great lengths at great personal sacrifice against great odds to have something "handed" to us.  The mysterious … more

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